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Doorsanchar has expertise in the following fields:

As more and more employees work outside traditional office settings, the demand to provide access to applications and information located on the corporate network grows. Server-based computing solutions meet this growing need by providing more performance, scalability, security and management than ever before.
Doorsanchar Networking has teamed with several leading players in the server-based computing arena to provide high-speed, reliable, dial-in solutions that meet the demands of customers in this rapidly expanding market segment. Follow the links below for more information on a specific application.
In the current economic climate, enterprises have continued to invest in server-based computing (SBC) technology. A growing number of companies have recognized the near-term value of Doorsanchar Networking, which allows existing fat-client or client/server applications to be accessed from virtually any location or device on the Internet.
Although a number of software vendors are offering browser-based clients, this has not dampened interest in SBC. Most firms have a number of in-house or custom applications and lack the time or budget to recode these. However, the SBC market is likely to start converging with the broader enterprise portal and content management markets in the next 12 to 24 months.

Server Based Computing solutions allow for the centralized deployment of enterprise-wide applications while maintaining the ability to support a variety of client computing devices. Applications run 100% on the server with only mouse clicks, keystrokes and screen updates moving across the network. Client computing devices include handheld computers, notebooks, Windows-based terminals, network-based terminals, desktop PCs, workstations, Macintosh computers, X-terminals, Unix systems and various data collection devices.

Server Based Computing solutions have many advantages, including:

  • accelerated application deployment
  • extended application availability
  • enhanced security
  • improved data back-up and recovery

Doorsanchar's diversification into Server based Computing Includes:

Mobile Working
Providing the latest business applications to remote workers can be costly, time consuming and difficult to deploy, yet is an ever-increasing need for many organizations. Doorsanchar can help you achieve remote working by extending networked resources beyond the traditional office environment. This enables your staff to access business applications and information securely from home, in the field, from another branch or even a customer site and improves remote sales, communication, CRM and enterprise resource planning.

Connecting Remote Offices
Working with specialists in server-based computing to develop a 'virtual workplace', Doorsanchar can enable you to provide secure, uninterrupted access to critical business applications, whilst maintaining high staff efficiency and productivity levels.
Integrating diverse branch office platforms and technologies into a cohesive enterprise network can be a complex and costly business.

Application Deployment
Continuous access to real-time information is an integral part of every business's success. Doorsanchar enables companies to deploy the latest business software, applications and information to employees wherever they may be located. Considerable cost savings can be achieved as one person can carry out the deployment of new applications centrally, rather than having to install them in every office location or individually on every remote user's PC.

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