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Security Solutions

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Doorsanchar has expertise in the following fields:

Doorsanchar security offerings allow organizations to securely deploy mission-critical applications and networks to gain competitive advantage. The confidence that comes from knowing that company information assets are secure is the key that can unlock explosive new Internet business opportunities and dynamic growth.

Goal of the Services

The goal of our dedicated professional services team is to bring years of security implementation experience to your organization. Our extensive expertise at both hardware (such as PIX firewalls) and software (Anti-viruses) levels will assist your organization with various projects, including: implementing new products, assessing your current security situation and security strategies as well as planning for future growth. All of our services are fully customizable with an emphasis on customer interaction throughout the entire process.

Key Advantages of the Services

  • On-site and off-site assistance available
  • Services tailored to customer requirements
  • Custom documentation development
  • Structured project development and fulfillment process
  • On-site knowledge transfer for your anti-virus and security staff
  • Industry proven expertise in the anti-virus and security field
  • Minimize upgrade, migration and installation timelines
  • Experience with major industry products and solutions

Cost Benefits

  • Maximize your technology investment
  • Hands-on instruction for your staff in their environment
  • Minimal downtime associated with upgrades and new installations
  • Reduced loss of productivity due to product complexity
  • Purchase only the amount of service required
  • Per diem and fixed pricing available

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